So I just went to buy booze for the first time in a long time (like years). Nowadays I drink infrequently to the point where bumming it off of friends/family works to fill my needs, and I do have a lot of wine sitting in my fridge, but I had a craving for some Malibu (I like the taste and it's the strongest alcohol I can drink straight without reflexive yucky face :3).

And I got carded. And I don't think I've been carded once in my life in a liquor store, so I'm kind of left scratching my head. I was actually the one who used to buy the alcohol in the college-aged-but-still-not-21 party years when the people with fake IDs weren't around, because I had a 100% success rate. Not that it's so very outlandish, since it's only been several years that I've actually been able to purchase alcohol legally. Just... odd and unexpected.